The dog, the new defense weapon of the Americans

While the recession is raging across the Atlantic - just as with us - a job at least does not know the crisis far from it is that of dog training.
It is a real paradox; on the sidelines of a disastrous economic situation that puts a growing number of citizens in the red, criminal acts are increasing, as confirmed by a study of the Police Executive Research Forum's which notes that 44% of police departments cite an increase in crime due to the economic crisis
"I feel more serene with a watchdog rather than having a gun in my bedside table.
Thus, rather than procuring a weapon as permitted by the second amendment to the US Constitution, an increasing number of women, either alone or with children, undertake to have their dogs trained, or even to obtain one, so that the latter watches over their soft home at nightfall.
And those practicing the craft of canine educator do not hesitate to ride the wave by saying that an imposing dog is more able to intimidate the intruder is a weapon that we do not control or that we do not know how to use. Nor do they hesitate to mention a host of other facts in which the presence of the four-legged companion was at the origin of a happy ending, or precisely others in which his absence was fatal. Certainly several breeds come back on the scene like the Bull Mastiff, the Doberman Pinch or the Rottweiler.
The trend is only emerging but there is a good chance that she will seriously talk about her... like this simple question: Who benefits from the crime / crisis?
As for you, readers, what do you think of the use of a dog as a defense?