The dog locked in a van for 2 years is recovering from his horrible past

We told you his story a few days ago: Echo (renamed Kangoo by the police), a Malinois, was rescued by police officers sensitive to the animal cause in the Yvelines after spending 2 years tied in a van. Now in good hands, he learns the taste of happiness.

His story shocked many French: attached to the floor of a van with a carabiner of 20 centimeters for 2 years, Echo (or Kangoo) has missed everything . He was the dog of a vigilante who neglected him completely, leaving him left to himself, without water or food, in the suffocating heat of his van.

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As a family welcome to adoption

Echo (or Kangoo) has now joined his host family where he will learn family life. Contrary to what his master claimed, this dog is far from aggressive. On the contrary, he is very cooperative and serene. When he is ready, the Malinois will be proposed for adoption.

His former owner will be responsible for his actions in court in the fall. He who was probably not aware of what he was inflicting on his dog, asking the police "Do you have a ladder of animal happiness? » risk 750 euros fine, prohibition to own an animal, and the loss of his professional card

UPDATE 19/10:

Decision of justice for Kangoo: 300 € fine and confiscation of the dog. Its holder was not present at the hearing

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