The dog "jumper"

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It is normal for a puppy to jump on people in the first few months. It is indeed what he does with his mother and his brothers and sisters. But you must teach him not to do so with people. Some dogs keep this bad habit.


Dogs that can not stand loneliness show very excessive joy in the form of jumps on each return of the master or simply when they meet someone or another animal. They also jump on everything they do not know. At the root of this disorder, we find again the anxiety of separation, the lack of stimulation and socialization.

What to do?

If the dog jumps on you, you have to squat to greet him and keep him on the ground saying, "Stay! Or "Sit! ". Praise him if he keeps this position when you get up. Avoid that it replaces the jump by licking the face. If he does, push him away. Masters accept and seek this mark of "tenderness". But it is not a sign of affection on the part of the dog but a sign of domination and overprotection. The bitch licks her little ones.

You can also take a few steps back, gently, at the last moment. The dog will jump into the void. Then tell him to sit down. It is necessary, in this reeducation, to multiply the exercises of this type. You must provoke the bad behavior to be able to correct it as often as possible

Train it yourself to these exercises then check that this good behavior is generalized during the visit of friends. It is necessary that, little by little, the dog understands that your joy is triggered not by its exuberant manifestations but on the contrary by its calm. This bad attitude is very often reinforced either by the masters, or by the passers-by, who find a charming puppy jumping on everyone.

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