The dog is the best friend of the Woman: sorry gentlemen!

Toutou news: «The dog is the best friend of the dog Man. ". This adage known to all would it be experiencing a real turning point? Would the osmosis between a Woman and her dog be stronger than the timeless relationship between a Man and his dog?

We explain to you why, according to a study conducted by Borrow My Dog *, must now say that the dog is the best friend of the Woman

A friend always present!

If the majority of French people love dogs, not everyone has his hairball at home. Only 25% of French people own a dog. And among those lucky, 58% say they find a better comfort when they are with their dog than when they are accompanied by another human.

Why? The dog has always given this image of loyalty, loyalty, protection that man is lucky to have at his side. And this friendship is already a few years behind since the first animal that has been domesticated by humans is... the doggie! There is no doubt, the dog is indeed the best friend of Man.

Even if lately, this affirmation is less and less true: behind this generality used of the word "Man" is actually hiding an important female presence in the heart and eyes of doggies. The dog is now the best friend of the Woman and for several reasons. The monopoly of the feelings of doggie is far behind you, gentlemen, as shown in this infographic:

"You women, you charm"

As said a certain Julio Iglesias, dogs have also found a preference for to frolic at the side of the feminine charm. And the reciprocal is indeed real since the majority of French (52%) prefer to spend time with a dog rather than being with a man , and not just any, a certain Ryan Gosling... In general, 58% of French people who have a dog prefer to spend time with their dog than with another human being... The charm of doggies says a lot.

But where does this turnaround come from? In fact, 29% of women in France have a dog against 20% for men. Already the gap is dug. And among these masters, 25% prefer to be comforted by their pooch rather than by a human being! Just that ! This data shows how important the dog is for humans and more specifically for women in our society. Its place takes, over the years, a considerable importance which shows a certainty: Woman or Man, the dog will not let us fall ! Let's do the same for them.

So yes, the dog is man's best friend. But, he is more in the heart of women in recent years. So gentlemen, we hope that you have not said your last word. Show us all your love for dogs.

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