The dog from the movie "My Dog's Lives" would not have been abused during filming

The American Humane Association, the body responsible for ensuring the proper treatment of animals during film shoots in the United States, has made its findings at the end of an investigation: the dog that a video showed drowning would not have been abused during the filming.

Made public by the site TMZ in January, the video of a German Shepherd forced to go into a tumultuous water for the needs of a scene of My dog's lives had caused scandal. In this video, we could see the terrified animal, trying to struggle not to go into the water . But pushed by his trainer, the dog seemed to be drowning before being finally rescued by team members. Indignant by these images, the association Peta had also called for a boycott of this film.

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The The American Humane association, which is responsible for the welfare of the animal-actors used in the films, then conducted an investigation using "an independent person". On her website, she publishes her findings and asserts that there was no animal abuse during filming: " Never was the dog forced to swim ", explains The film crew defends itself

For its part, Gavin Polone, the producer of the film, denounced a deceptive montage, while Dennis Quaid who plays in the film had claimed on the set of Today Show: "What is not shown is the underwater divers for the dog.

We took every precaution . There were underwater platforms on which the dog was standing. He was not left yawning in the water. The dog was great, he wanted to do it again. " Although some fuzz remains, the release of the film is scheduled in France for April 19. Will you see it?

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