The dog eats their passport and spoils their honeymoon

Who has never tried the shot of the Non mistress, I do not have my duty, the dog ate it! ". It goes or it breaks, so why not try. On the other hand, when the dog chews our passport just before boarding for a beautiful honeymoon, we have a lot less desire to laugh.

But that's what happened to this couple of honeymooners who had to board for a pre-paid stay in a luxury hotel in Cancun. Cost of Honeymoon : $ 1,500 is almost $ 1,100

Moses, their 2 year old Basset Hound is more accustomed to chewing slippers, but this time the fate is there added his grain of salt. Moses ventured on the passport leaving only the barcode and the photo .

This was enough to get from Boston to Cancun, but arrived on the spot, the immigration services found the marks of fangs very suspicious... And immediately sent back the couple where he came from! We do not laugh at airports

Adios the beach, sunbathing and margaritas ... all because of Moses. They tried to change the dates of stay or get a refund, but it was impossible. It was also impossible to pay for another trip, it was the savings dedicated to their honeymoon.

But like fairy tales, this story has a Happy End . The tour operator who sold the stay all inclusive to the couple got wind of the case and was moved. He thus offered a new stay to the couple! It is Moses who must be reassured.

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