The dog does not have a goldfish memory, it's the science that says it!

A recent study has shown that dogs have good memory. They would even be able to remember the details of an event.

If the dogs do not have an elephant's memory, they also do not have a goldfish memory. In fact, they have the middle ground: an episodic memory. A study published Wednesday in the journal Current Biology testifies indeed to their ability to go back mentally to remember specific details.

Dogs learned to mimic the Action by their master

To reach these conclusions, the researchers studied 17 dogs of different races and taught them to imitate the behavior of a human: one person sits on a chair, another jumps into the air, etc. On the order "do it", the dogs mimicked the action of their master in exchange for a reward.

In a second step, the order "lying down" was given to the dogs while humans went about their business. After a few minutes, they were told again "do it! And the dogs then began to obey the order they had been given initially (to mimic the action of their master). The dogs were even able to reproduce the same action twenty-four hours after . The study thus claims to be the first tangible proof of the existence of an episodic memory in dogs, even though the experts are divided on the question.

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