Dogs' dinner (Video of the day)

Go to a fancy restaurant, stand up and keep the class while waiting for meals to be served, it's not easy for everyone... Especially when you are a dog ! So eat neatly and with cutlery, let's not talk about it.

Yet this golden retriever and this Danish broholmer manage the feat of passing almost incognito... Yes, almost. The famous Nadine de Rotschild would be blown away to see that 2 individuals from the canine world manage to learn good manners as well as humans.

Well we must admit that there is a little relaxation on the edges, and licks on the plate are difficult to control.

The anthropomorphism has been on the rise lately (remember the rebellion of cats with thumbs). Does this mean that animals are so similar to us? For many, there is no doubt

We do not put our elbows on the table!