The dog "digger" or "scraper"

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This type of "destruction" occurs only outside the house but can still be badly felt by the masters (or neighbors).

The digger dog

The digger dogs sometimes only imitate their master. If your dog shows this tendency, you can try to avoid gardening in his presence. It's very fun for him to see you bury something and imagine digging it up later! The teachers often excuse this behavior in the puppy.

But it must be resumed right away. Ask him to sit next to you. It is also the manifestation of a construction instinct of a burrow. Pregnant females do this often. If they do not live in a garden, they scratch the cushions or the carpet. This behavior is normal; To prevent damage to the floor of your home, simply put a cardboard box with rags in it. They will thus make their "nest". Females who have nerve pregnancies also have this behavior.

You can also put a niche in the garden. But give the dog time to settle there. If the master is anxious to see the animal lie down in the doghouse, the dog may become "allergic" to the shelter. The digging animal can sometimes express frustration at home. It is the case of the dog that one sends in the garden to punish it.

By digging, it will not be revenge but to free itself from this feeling of exclusion. The garden should be a place of relaxation and not isolation. If the dog digs to escape under the fence, it can be distracted by putting a bullet in the hole. He will then think more about taking the ball out of the hole than digging to save himself. It can also be a runaway dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat wants to escape at any cost

The dog "scraper"

Dogs scavengers often strive on the doors or on a piece of furniture. Some females scratch the armchair of their master. This is the case of bitches that have not been "pushed back" enough to puberty and take a sexual attitude towards their master.

Do not caress them too much in times of heat and "regulate You caresses yourself. This scraping situation also occurs when the dog is locked in a room at the arrival of visitors. He is at home, he is not the one to isolate.