The dog, the best awareness tool for children

In Canada, firefighters of Saint-Hyacinthe had a funny idea to teach children to survive in case of fire...

His name is Alertau, he is firefighter and he is a Dalmatian. Well almost. It's a firefighter dog. His niche is unusual because he lives in the Fire Department of the City of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

At the wheel of a fire truck equipped with siren and rotating lights, it has articulated limbs. His mouth opens and closes, he can move, and even knows how to make winks!

This dog like no other has a specific function: he has a mission of prevention with children, often not very attentive when firefighters come to meet them to explain the attitude to be adopted in case fire . According to Daniel Dubois, Director of the Fire Department of the City of Saint-Hyacinthe, " the children fixed the fire truck and could not wait to touch it or get in it, we had to find a solution to make this truck talk »

This solution is Alertau! Captivated by its natural charm, children are now listening instructions from fire soldiers. And it is possible to think that if Alertau was a real dog, it would be all the more interesting for the children!

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