The dog and the hedgehog, or the birth of a friendship (Video of the day)

Need a little softness and tenderness to illuminate your day ? Nothing's easier ! We have exactly what you need.

Take a beautiful dog , a snow-white Spitz for example, then present him a little hedgehog . Watch them gauge themselves, get to know each other, and become friends. And here it is, here is the dog Nimbus, as sweet as it is sweet, and the hedgehog Poki-Hontas, as cute as spicy! It took them only a few minutes to become inseparable.

The little Poki-Hontas especially likes

to hide in the fur of his canine friend, and he does not complain about it. On the contrary. He seems delighted to have a little friend with whom to share his daily life. Posted on Youtube 4 days ago, this

terribly touching video has already been around the web, making the transition melt the heart of nearly 230,000 internet users > See all our dog videos