The dog and the children

The contact dog-children is not, contrary to what the We often hear, innate in the dog. Some dogs are gentle with children by "personal" inclination. But those who are not at the beginning can learn to be.

It is not normal to be wary of your dog vis-à-vis his children. We will also discuss the case of unknown children of the dog, which is quite different. The dog can be there before the child or arrive after the birth of it. Consider both cases

The child is already there

You decide to buy a puppy. Whatever the age of the child, the newcomer dog must show no sign of aggression towards him. If the child is young, all the education work will be directed to the dog. But from five, six years, you can also make the child aware of the attitude to adopt against the dog. The first principle to respect is that of "separation."

The puppy must not sleep either in the bed or in the child's room. The young animal will look for the company of the young child. While this sounds charming, do not under any circumstances encourage this attitude. Because the puppy will grow up and become an adult much faster than the child, and he can turn into a "protector". Remember that a precise hierarchy must be maintained vis-à-vis the dog. The child must be regarded by the dog as a "master" and not as a "protected", it is to say a subordinate

The child must be able to obey the dog in your absence. It is important, for example, that a child can go out alone or stay with him in the house unattended. For this, you can ask the child to learn some puppy commands (such as "Sitting!", "Stand Up!"), Or to teach him "leash walking". This makes it possible to create the right hierarchical relationships in the sweetness.

Leave the animal alone with the child in a room so that he or she can listen well. Interpose only if the animal "tests" the child too much and the relationship can become "risky". Otherwise, the puppy will feel that the child is "weak" and that he needs you to be respected.

The child arrives

The dog has been with you for a few years. The child who is born is then perceived as an intruder. Learning to accept this "other" is all the more delicate as the dog is already educated. We must teach him something new when all his behavior is already fashioned.

This is not impossible, even if some difficulties are to be overcome. The dog must accept the child but it's mostly up to you to make him accept it. It is necessary, in the first times, to keep the same pace of life. Take the dog out as often as before. If the "new mom" can not go out when she used to do it, she must caress him more, talk to him more, so that he does not feel suddenly abandoned.

You can also prepare the dog for this arrival . Two to three weeks before the birth, gradually reduce the time spent with the dog so that the difference is less brutal on the day J. Then, safely, of course, let the dog get to know the newborn.

Without allowing the big licks, let him approach the cradle. You must avoid repelling the dog each time you take care of the baby, because the animal will understand it as an injustice and will try to approach the cradle without your knowledge. On the other hand, ask him to sit down and not to jump next to the baby. He will quickly understand that the little intruder is fragile but you accept his presence at his side.

It must not be forgotten that there will always be risks with a long-time animal in a house without children. To minimize them, teach your pet not to come into direct contact with the baby. Do not push the dog when it approaches but as soon as he felt the baby in your presence, tell him: "Sit! By pointing to a place opposite to that of the cradle

The less there will be prohibitions for the animal against the baby, the more it will be accepted quickly and without problems. But the dog and the baby should never be left alone. The infant is crying, and does not yet have the odors that characterize his belonging to the human race. It is therefore not recognizable as a "man."

The animal will therefore think well by "eliminating" this "thing" intruder and disturbing. Growing up, the baby will be identified as a human by the dog.