The dog alone at home

Your puppy will realize it early or late: you are gone! So here he is alone. The situation gets complicated

To pass the time

To begin with, you have to leave him alone for very short moments so that he understands that you always come back . This is very important for puppies who have lived in shelters and have sometimes been abandoned. They may not be the difference between five minutes and half an hour, but they still have some notion of the passing of time. You can, for the first time, leave it alone for 2 hours.

It may be useful to leave the first times on the TV or radio lit. These visual and sonic stimulations can sometimes alleviate the feeling of total destitution due to silence. But this technique is controversial: some experts think that putting the radio shows the puppy that we will leave and causes his anxiety.

You can then connect it well before leaving (try and see how it reacts) your dog). You can also give him buffalo hide bones and toys to keep him busy. Some dogs need to feel good to feel good. The easiest role to give them is guardian . So you can leave the puppy an object (worthless) that belongs to you to keep: a bag, a sweater...


Avoid locking the animal in an unusual room, to limit the damage . It is certain that it is tempting to leave him in the bathroom because, before he has destroyed the sink, it will take time. But this claustration will be very badly perceived by your animal, which will consider it as a punishment of which it does not know the cause. The sense of injustice also exists in dogs.

Conversely, there is no need to open patio doors in the garden or balcony for more square. The risks of accidents are certain. In addition, the dog may be excited by the passage of people or animals outside and barking, whereas it would not have done inside.

Your return

The advantage of short absences is the expectation of minimal damage. This is not always the case, some puppies being of exemplary "dexterity" and speed in the art of destruction!


You are happy to find it; him too. That's good, but your return should not turn into exaggerated effusions every time. Try to contain your emotion and stroke your dog when he is calm again. You will be able to give free rein to your excesses when the learning of loneliness will be finished. Otherwise, the dog, hoping that you will come back and party, will "get ready" and get in shape. Then he will get upset, take a shoe and nibble it... and that's how the damage begins!

Possible damage

It is essential to stop punishing the dog if damage has been done. Certainly, it is sometimes very hard to keep calm when the style chair is completely shredded. The punishment will relieve you, but will not be no efficiency for the future. Indeed, the dog will associate it with your return and not with its nonsense, and reactions of fear will occur with each of your returns: fugues, defecations... (Indeed, the dog can not understand the punishment "deferred

Just just ignore the dog. Do not put everything in order unless he is absent. You will get very good results thanks to the positive education. There is damage: we ignore the dog for one hour. There is no damage: we congratulate him abundantly but after having respected a time of rest: put your things, then turn to him and congratulate him.

The moment of "rest" makes it possible to not to associate the reward with your return but with its good behavior. This is to be done after very short absences, so that it makes the immediate relationship between your caresses and his good behavior.

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