The different types of kittens

kittens : The timid kitten

It is

reservation , do not come to you. He lets himself be taken without saying anything, but runs away at the first opportunity to escape to safety. It is

curling on itself or trying to flee when you want to manipulate it. It is

difficult to socialize as part of a family life but will be perfect for a the only master The kitten in his own skin

He comes to you, looks you in the face, lets himself rise from the ground, endures caresses and manipulations.

It's the

ideal , it is well socialized The aggressive kitten

You will quickly be scratched: he looks at you but remains on guard, he

drops the ears and spit if you reach out. If you manage to grab him by the neck, he struggles like a good devil and turns around to

scratch . It does not support either caresses or manipulations (examination of the ears, of the mouth...). It attacks the comb as soon as one wants to groom it. It's not a bad cat; on the other hand, it is

not socialized , therefore you will need a lot of patience to soften it. Is this article useful, does it answer your problem? ?