The Diesel bitch soon buried in the Asnieres cemetery for animals?

Killed a week ago to the day during the assault of the Raid at Saint-Jean Denis, the dog Diesel will certainly be buried with all the honors , she who gave her life to fight against terrorism. And it is at the cemetery for animals of Asnieres-sur-Seine that the hero animal could be buried, reports Le Parisien .

The death of Diesel caused a great emotion on the social networks . The hashtags #JeSuisChien and #JeSuisDiesel quickly flooded Twitter and Facebook and while 50,000 people signed the petition asking for the National Defense Medal for the Raid Bitch, many people have asked for it to be buried in this cemetery for animals, considered the first in the world

"Diesel has its place in this cemetery"

This cemetery was created in the early twentieth century. Known animals, including Rintintin, rest there, but also police dogs. A monument to the memory of these dead dogs for France is erected there.

" Diesel obviously has its place in the cemetery of dogs Asnières It would be a nice tribute to pay tribute to him and enhance the action of police dogs "says the mayor of the city, Manuel Aeschlimann. The city has therefore decided to offer a concession to Diesel. The Raid and the departmental direction of public security would have said " sensitive " to this proposal, underlines the mayor before adding: " It is obviously necessary that his master can give his opinion "

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, agreed to confide on Sunday morning on RMC . He gave a very touching testimony on the death of his dog, the complicity he had developed with her over the years, but also the importance of assault dogs during operations such as that conducted last Wednesday in a apartment where were hidden terrorists

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