The Chirac separate from their dog Sumo

Jacques and Bernadette Chirac had no choice but to separate from their little Maltese, Sumo . The latter had become aggressive, repeatedly attacking the former president.

Last January, Bernadette told the press that Sumo had bitten her husband. He reiterated later, this time more violently.

Bernadette, shocked, described the scene in the Parisian: "I was reading in a room, [Sumo] was lying on the ground. My husband arrived, and he jumped! It jumps very high a bichon. He bit him in the stomach. I was very scared because there was blood. It's terrible, small teeth like that. And he was unleashed! He wanted to resauter and bite.

According to the former first lady of France, Sumo would have not supported the change of life , when the couple went from the Elysée to their residence quai Voltaire in May 2007. C ' is therefore a presidential dog par excellence!

Despite a treatment with anti-depressants , it seems that the dog was still uncontrollable. He expressed his discomfort by aggressive phases, always towards his master since Bernadette was never bitten.

That we are reassured, Jacques Chirac is well, the injury was not serious. The couple did not try to solve the problem of their aggressive dog. They preferred to place Sumo in a pension with friends with a farm in Seine-et-Marne. It is since, it seems, "very happy."

The case of Jacques Chirac is not isolated. In France, many homes suffer from the aggressiveness of their dog. Is it irremediable? No ! We must first understand the causes of this aggressiveness. Often, it comes from a education problem and in particular from a poorly defined dominance ratio. Many solutions exist to prevent this problem

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