Head of a luxury hotel confesses to having beaten a kitten to death in his kitchen

Dylan Edwards, a 50-year-old chef, admitted in court that he had beaten a kitten who had entered the kitchen of the hotel where he works. To the point of killing him.

When Dylan Edwards saw the cat that had managed to enter his kitchen, he caught it, locked it in a bag and hit with a piece of wood . The poor animal, named Cali, was then taken care of by a neighbor, but the damage was done: the cat had to be euthanized.

Wales was upset by this tragic incident

On the social networks, the death of this cat whose only crime is to have inadvertently introduced into a kitchen, upset users. A petition with more than 100,000 signatures forced the school to apologize: "We are sorry for what happened and sorry we did not react as quickly as we should have to this situation, "said the management of the hotel Royal Oak, located in Wales.

While this tragic event occurred last December, the judgment will be rendered May 31. In the meantime, the local RSPCA (the equivalent of our SPA) has welcomed the Chef's confession and hopes for a exemplary sentence.

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