Chinese museum cats saved from eviction... thanks to netizens!

The obelisk forest museum in Chinese Xi'an is growing in popularity, not thanks to & oelig; works, but rather thanks to the cats... who managed to reach the hearts of visitors as well as Internet users.

While they delighted visitors to the Chinese museum, China Daily recently announced that cats had been threatened with eviction . A particularly unfortunate turning point for these poor tomcats who had quietly settled in the place...

The notice of expulsion of the cats was decided after one of them scratched a child. Indeed, one of the young visitors had thought good to try to caress a kitten but, the mother of the latter intervened, then scratching the intrepid at the time. Following this incident, the mother of the child filed a complaint with a local tourist office.

The museum's cats were in a bad position until the Internet users 'mingle! Indeed, the latter were particularly affected by the fate of the felines and did not hesitate to create a real protest movement within the Chinese social network Weibo, in the hope that the four legs are not expelled.

And they did well, these animal lovers, not to let themselves go! The administration of the museum has taken into account their request, confirming that the felines would remain in the museum. But this victory is not unconditional since they will be closely monitored so that this kind of incident does not happen again.

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