The cat that eats illustrated in 8 traits... to die of laughter!

Whether gourmands or gourmets, goinfers or delicacies, cats have their own way of enjoying their delicious meals. And often, it is at that moment that the most funny of their character traits emerge... no?

That the one who never laughed at his tomcat eating throws us the first stone ! In any case, we will not believe it because cats are inexhaustible sources of laughter and this, in all circumstances. Come on, admit that you agree! And when they eat, it's worse. Why ? Because as true as the Man reveals his true face when his stomach cries famine, our adorable kitties do the same and their reactions make us laugh.

The proof? Here it is with these 8 illustrations, made by Catsass , shouting with truth about the behavior of our favorite felines when they are hungry:

1. The maniac (who eats first what has fallen to the ground)

2. The snob (who has absolutely no luxury taste)

3. The eternal dissatisfied (to whom to give food is ALWAYS a pleasure...)


4. The sampler at source (it is not necessary to feed...)

5. The pessimist (who NEVER has enough!)

6. The culprit (who is too greedy to stop)

7. The envious (who often prefers the mess of the neighbor...)

8. The hurry (who willingly accepts to serve as a bowl!)

You have recognized your hairy in this sequence of images? Feel free to send us your photos of him in comment on our page Facebook !