The mother cat and her baby ducks (Video of the day)

After Boom, adorable Pitbull became a friend with chicks, here is the cat mother who adopted ducklings!

This cat was born 3 little ones before instinctively taking under his wing 3 babies orphaned ducks. She started caring for them as if they were her own kittens. And her owners, Emma and Ronan, a couple living in Ireland, still have a hard time believing it!


" She thinks they are kittens ," says Ronan. " Cats have such an instinct She puts her paw around them and is just extraordinary " he marvels.

More incredible yet , the cat feeds the ducklings , who suckle their adoptive mom tenderly huddled against their four-legged brothers and sisters!

How to stay in front of this adorable family?

Titi and Grosminet should take from the seed!

A family like no other!

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