The koala cat, a strange creature with disturbing success

In recent days, a strange animal intrigues Internet users. Nicknamed the koala cat, this creature whose images were published by Amazing Life is actually a Siamese cat. And if his astonishing physique amuses his new admirers, he raises the question of knowing how far breeders can go in genetic selections .

Because this cat with huge ears is not the result the magic of photoshop, but the fruit of several crosses of Siamese with big ears

Dangerous exaggerations

"This is a Siamese, but raises the issue of hyper-types , "says Catherine Bastide, the director of the Federation for the Management of the Official Book of Feline Breeds (LOOF) interviewed by Sciences et Avenir .

To accentuate certain physical characteristics of cat breeds , or of dogs, can have real consequences on the health of these animals.

A Siamese cat with disproportionate ears like this one risks for example having eyes too small. Short-nosed cats such as Persians or Exotics, which are brachycephalic, suffer from respiratory problems. " As soon as there is discomfort for the animal, it is question of hyper type ", underlines Catherine Bastide

Publication by Amazing Life .