The cat: the favorite animal of the French

All polls say it: the French love animals . But there is a number 1 in the heart of the inhabitants of France: the cat!

According to a survey carried out by the TNS / Sofres institute and published by WK-Vet , the cat's rating keeps climbing ! They are now almost 11 million to share our daily life, it's almost 100,000 more than in 2007.

Dogs are losing popularity...

But if cats are more and more many in French households ( 2 per household on average), dogs, they, are seeing their popularity drop.

They are only 7.5 million in France (488 000 fewer people than in 2007)

Because they adapt well to apartment living, it is not so surprising that cats seduce urban dwellers (78% of the French population in 2010)

More and more responsible teachers

59 million of dogs, cats, birds and small mammals populate French homes and close to one in two now have a pet.

And good news: pet owners are becoming more responsible!

Indeed, if the canine population decline, this is partly because e the French know that they will not have enough time to grant the welfare of their dog. Also, they do not want to make their animal unhappy.

In addition, the study reveals that dog or cat masters are increasingly taking the part of having their pet sterilized.

In fact, three quarter of domestic cats are sterilized (+2 points in two years), against 32.5% of dogs (+3 points in 3 years). Nice effort!