"Cat" by Philipe Geluck soon in cartoon

The cartoon character created by Philippe Geluck, a Belgian cartoonist, will soon have an incredible ascent . Indeed, his iconic character soberly called " The Cat ", should soon be adapted into cartoon.

"The Cat" was born more than 25 years ago in Belgium and for several years, we breath that an adaptation in cartoon is preparing. The project finally came to fruition and was presented at the Brussels Book Fair, where the first images of the cartoon were screened.

After RTBF (French-language Belgian Radio Television), the project will soon be presented to French channels. The format should be short, no more than a few minutes, and would be scheduled before the newscast. The concept is based not only on the distribution of a cartoon gag , but also on a skit and 3D animation, with interventions by Philippe Geluck himself . On the weekends, viewers could enjoy a longer format of about 13 minutes. A first pilot episode is available on Philippe Geluck's website

Philippe Geluck and his famous cat enjoy well-supplied news : the designer is currently working on his project Chat Museum in Brussels be selected. It would be a place where young artists could exhibit their creations.