The cat and the mouse, best friends of the world (Video of the day)

Mochikko-Chan is a very friendly cat is the least we can say. This cat likes everyone, even rodents. When some people would have thrown on this mouse to make it a mouthful, Mochikko-Chan, he, preferred to become his boyfriend.

The cat and the mouse knew how to put aside their differences , for become the best friends in the world, signing a peace treaty between the famous best foes Tom and Jerry, or Itchy and Scratchy.

" Mice are naturally conditioned to express their fear when they smell the smell of So if we got rid of the specific receptors that smell, the mice would not be afraid of cats, "says the Japanese researcher who reunited these two animals to prove that they were well and truly capable to love each other .

And do your four-legged companions get on well with each other?

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