Cat addicted to its banana (Video of the day)

You fear to have developed an addiction for something, or someone? Shorty, a beautiful black cat known to all fans of cat videos, helps you determine whether or not you are really addicted.

Shorty is well placed to help you, he who is completely addicted to... his banana ! Let no one think of robbing her, her revenge would be terrible!

Discover in pictures 8 signs proving that you are really addicted, like Shorty

1. You are obsessed with this item or person

2. You are afraid that someone can take it

3. You refuse to let anyone approach, even your best friend

4. You lose control of yourself

5. You refuse to answer the phone
6. Weaning drives you crazy

7. You stop washing

8. You realize that you are touching the bottom

The story of Shorty makes you think strange to yours? One solution: find a new addiction!

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