Stroking, sources of stress in the cat?

Do you like your cat? So stop petting him! This is essentially what a team of British, Brazilian and Austrian researchers, who recently conducted a study on the stress of our fellow felines

too much caressing, much stress

When handled by humans, cats do indeed release anxiety-related hormones , they discovered.

All cat owners know that a cat I do not like to be spoiled all day long. Some categorically refuse caresses, and others tolerate them more than they like them.

These " appear to be more stressed than the others " explains the professor Daniel Mills of the British University of Lincoln

The cat, a solitary animal?

This study also shows that, contrary to what is commonly admitted, cats are not solitary creatures . " Many people have groups of cats at home, and some argue that it's not good for their well-being, because it's not a natural situation. is not necessarily the case " says the researcher

" Even if they are not the best friends in the world, cats are able to organize themselves to avoid each other. others without being stressed "he adds. The study published in Journal Physiology and Behavior even showed that a young cat - less than two years old - was more stressed if he lived alone than in a group.

In short, it seems that we still have a lot to learn about our dear and dear feline companions, and how we can make them happy .