2011 Calendars of animals

New Year, New Calendar ! 2011 will be the year of the cat (or rabbit) according to the Chinese calendar, it may be the opportunity to fall for one of these calendars that puts them in the spotlight. And if you're not a fan of La Poste calendars and firefighters, rest assured, there are some original alternatives

The original calendars

Calendar Yoga Kittens - Yoga puppies
Put the cats and dogs in staggering positions, it is the vocation of these 2 calendars with undeniable humor! Will you be ready to imitate them?

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Famous Faces Calendar
Celebrity Faces Famous Faces Celebration for Dogs , cats and rodents the attributes of planetary stars. Will you recognize Audey Hepburn in pussy, Yoda Master in Sphinx or Mickael Jackson in Chihuahua? 2011 will be tingling.

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Calendar Cats - Black & White
Sober but very aesthetic, this calendar will make the happiness of those who raise the cat to the status of an art piece. Mysterious and touching, they will accompany you throughout the year

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Calendar Chatons
More is small, more is cute. The old adage takes on its full meaning when we talk about kittens. Wrapped in a sheet, hidden in a bucket... they are playful and irresistible.

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Calendar Dogs
A white background, 12 dogs breeds. It does not take more for the magic to work!

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Calendar Puppies
The dogs do not escape the adage announced earlier. Photographer William Wegman loves puppies, and he knows how to photograph them when all their charm is revealed.

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