The Budweiser puppy is back, and it's going to melt you (Video)

It does not matter if we like football or not, and whether or not we wait for the Super Bowl, the new Budweiser campaign for the event can not leave marble!

Remember. A year ago, the famous brand of beer unveiled an adorable video starring the friendship of a puppy and a horse forced to say goodbye when the small Labrador must join his new family

A year later, the ball of hair is back. But this time the puppy flees and his master, terribly worried, goes looking for him.

But while the puppy is putting himself in great danger, it is not his owner who will find... His best friend worries too, and watch over him.

Before unveiling the video, put online this Wednesday and to discover below, Budweiser was able to raise the suspense and impatience by publishing on Twitter the first images of the new adventures of the little Labrador for which it is impossible not to crack. We see the poor puppy protecting himself from the rain under a makeshift shelter , then followed by a wolf...

Help bring our lost pup home. RT + Follow and you could # SB49 tix. #BestBuds // #sweeps

- Budweiser (@Budweiser) 23 January 2015

It's tough for #BestBuds to be apart.

- Budweiser (@Budweiser) 26 January 2015