The British Prime Minister's cat catches a mouse. An Event!

Great news in England: the Prime Minister's cat caught a mouse !

A flemish cat!

It takes little David Cameron to rejoice! But it must be said that his matou , adopted in February 2011 in the largest refuge in London, had somewhat disappointed the British Kingdom in recent months.

Chosen for his hunting skills, the cat named Larry turned out to be a big flemmard , having only had 3 mice since his arrival at Downing Street, the London street where the Prime Minister's residence is located.

Desperate, David Cameron had to resign himself to hunt rodents himself! One evening, while dining with his ministers, a rat passed through the room. He then seized a fork to try to kill him, which had not failed to amuse his colleagues. " But where did Larry go? ," said Minister of Labor Iain Duncan Smith

Larry, the British Prime Minister's cat, does not shine with his hunting skills

"Larry brings great joy"

But yesterday, Tuesday, it is not without pride that a spokesman announced the feat of the animal . " I can confirm that the cat killed a mouse this morning ," he said. It's about time!

If Larry is not the biggest hunter, the Prime Minister has never thought of depriving him of his office as Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office Cabinet). It does not matter how many mice and rats he killed, because " brings great joy to many people ," it was said last November at Downing Street.

A long tradition

The matou is the 11th official mousetrap of the residence of the Prime Minister. Treasury Bill, Peter, Munich Mouser, Humphrey or Sybil: since 1924 , there has always been a cat responsible for hunting unwanted rodents from 10 Downing Street.

A tradition that he does not There is no question of breaking , even if Larry does more about him for his laziness than for his catch!