The British Foreign Office chat is a model employee

Palmerston, an employee of the London Foreign Office as a mouse hunter, is the pride of the institution.

27: that's the number rodents that Palmerston managed to catch in just over a year. Engaged in April 2016 as official mouse hunter, he excels in his task. These 27 mice that he has on his hunting board are just those that the office staff saw... which suggests that Palmerston has killed many others, in reality.

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This talented hunter who lives hard on London's "undesirables" is in tough competition with Larry, the cat of 10 Downing Street. The feline was also hired to hunt rodents out of the residence and workplace of the British Prime Minister.

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Only here: Larry would be a loaf and would prefer the nap on the hunt. Rumor has it that he would even play with the mice before letting them escape. In fact, Larry is not very popular among his colleagues, and is even the laughingstock of the country, unlike his rival Palmerston.

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