The Bouygues Telecom kittens: the making of (Video of the day)

You are a fan advertising Bouygues Telecom with his adorable kittens staged in unusual situations: a meeting, a taxi ride, a party, a discussion in the cafeteria...

But did you know that to arrive at this result it took 120,000 hours of work ?

Yes, we are a far cry from the video of lolcat taken from life, which goes around the web.

making of the video of the Bouygues Telecom kittens reveals to us that this advertisement needs 4 days of shooting, 15 kittens at the top of their form (between their 20 hours of sies daily), 41 people mobilized...

Of course everything was done in the respect of the animal , and all the kittens were treated like starlets.

Bouygues Telecom kittens , the making of :

And that's the result!

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