The bond that united them was so strong that a cat and his human died together

A Californian and her cat died a short time ago, almost simultaneous. They lived together for almost 13 years...

Attention, the following story is beautiful to tear you away. This story ? It's Gabby's, a cat rescued from a Californian hut at the age of two, and her human. Like the inseparable, they weaved a bond so strong from their first meeting that together they left this world recently, reported The Dodo .

Exactly as Millie did after her years of suffering, it was directly in the bed of her new mother that Gabby had sunk, finding there the refuge she sought for a long time. A refuge for life... The kitten is naturally very quickly become a full member of the family but also, a real support for his biped when she lost her husband. It was paw in the hand that they went through this ordeal and moved together in a facility for the elderly. The old lady did not imagine that she would live without her sweet and affectionate Gabby.

An eternal love

"Like a child, I was amazed by the loving relationship that existed between my grandmother and Gabby ", was also expressed one of the granddaughters of the deceased at the English site. And for good reason, not a day has passed without both of them. Every day for almost thirteen years, they were the best friends in the world, almost souls souls: they got up and then slept together and when his human read, the cat snuggled against her.

But aged 15 years old, Gabby - well tired - finished - like his mistress - by losing the appetite and a lot of weight. Also, the old lady - gathering her strength - took her best friend to the vet where the verdict fell: her time had come, she had to leave her, to put her to sleep forever. As best as she could, she then accompanied her pussy to her eternal sleep, until her last breath.

And on her way home, exhausted by this painful event, she sat in her couch for to have a nap... she never woke up. Four hours apart, this cat and her human are gone, soothed, without pain and together, as always...

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