The stronger dog than Snowy, the Tintin Fox terrier

This is a scenario that reminds us of adventures of Tintin and his Snowy dog ​​. A dog that is caught in the claws of an eagle to be fed to chicks who squawk in the nest, it only happens in cartoons?

No, it happens also in Canada, 2 hours as the crow flies from Vancouver. What makes you think of the adventures of the famous hero of Hergé is the outcome of this story.

Snowy has never been slashed by the sharp beaks of the eaglets, and this female Poodle either! The eagle dropped her in flight, and she almost landed in the nursing arms of a rest home.

She did not quite fall into their arms (reality does not equal fiction), but in front of them. And the little bitch did not quite come out unscathed: she had marks of scratches on her back and many of her ribs were fractured in the fall.

The bitch, baptized May, was given to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) but she has no tattoo or microchip.

In a poor state of general condition, the little dog was probably left for account . A woman from the SPCA even says about her: " It's a stroke of luck for her to have been abducted by an eagle, she could have died from a lack of care ."

There, we can say that reality joins fiction. May she be part of Steven Spielberg's upcoming film , Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn ?