The best natural dog food

The fetish foods of natural medicines contain a wide range of substances (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, etc.) that work in synergy for a better assimilation of nutrients by the dog's body. To be used in weekly rotation one by one or in groups of two

Brewer's yeast

Rich in vitamin B and amino acids - including lysine - small pale yellow tablets are very popular with dogs, who swallow like sweets! You can also give it in the form of powder, glitter. This supplement comes from malt (germinated barley) provides many minerals (magnesium, zinc, phosphorus...) and protein (40%), which stimulate the vitality of the skin and the dog's hair . Being involved in muscle development, brewer's yeast also increases resistance. Associated with garlic, it removes parasites (worms, fleas). Dosage: one teaspoon of powder for 13.5 kg of live weight. Some holistic veterinarians, such as Dr. Pitcairn, prefer dietetic yeast from baker's yeast, which would cause less allergies.

Green barley powder

When still green, just before the start of the breeding cycle, barley contains enzymes useful for digestion, antioxidants, vitamins, and about twenty amino acids. Its high chlorophyll content makes it a good cleaning agent for the body. Its antioxidants have the property of slowing cell aging . Its enzymes optimize the functioning of the digestive system, intestines included. With its triple action of detoxification, acid / alkaline rebalancing and micronutrient supplementation, green barley helps strengthen immune defenses (better resistance to diseases). Barley is one of the richest plants in trace elements: 92 out of 102 found in the soil Dosage : about 500 mg / day for a dog of 20 kg.

The wheat germ

Rich in vitamins B and E, it is available raw or grilled Dosage : one teaspoonful for 13.5 kg live weight. Do not exceed the dose, as it is a very fatty food that can make you fat.


This super cleanser of the body helps fight against viral infections , bacterial and fungal. All natural medicines use it for its pest control (fleas, ticks and worms) Dosage : 1/4 of pod for 13.5 kg of live weight. Be careful, these treatments will perfume your pet!


This is the family of bacteria (acidophilus, Bifi due...) essential to the health of the digestive system . They are a support for the immune system and are great for dogs with an infection or antibiotics. Probiotics are available in capsules, powder or in liquid form


Rich in minerals useful for health of bones and joints and treasure of vitamins, this seed is doped with proteins , also called alfalfa, is available as flour or can be sprouted. Its seeds contain ten times more calcium than milk and more magnesium than almond. The enzymes and fibers from the young shoots regulate intestinal fermentations and cure constipation. Anti-anemic because of its high iron content, it is ideal for fattening an animal that is too thin. Alfalfa is also beneficial to old dogs with rheumatism.


Hippocrates used two natural medicines: mead (milk and honey) and oxymel (vinegar and honey) to cure many ailments. It is a remarkable antiseptic food , the best of natural energizers, a nervous and cardiac tonic. In fact, it's the only cardiac tonic that is not a drug! Predried by bees, honey is immediately absorbed by the blood. A diet of milk and honey can feed a human or a dog for months. Honey inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and destroys the toxic . Choose a honey that does not come from polluted (or pesticide-treated) areas and has not been heated or filtered

Eggs (and their shells)

Source rich in vitamins and minerals. Ingestion of finely ground shells provides calcium that contributes to solid bone . Use your own powder (do not buy it) a bit like salt. Do not give it to a sick dog

Prepare eggshell powder : eggshells contain a very high calcium level. Wash the shells shortly after breaking them and let them dry until you have a dozen. Each of them will provide about 1.8 g of calcium. Cook them at 180 ° C for about 10 minutes to remove the film of mineral oil which eggs are sometimes coated to prevent drying out. It also makes the shells dry and friable and easier to grind in a coffee grinder or mortar.

Apple cider vinegar

It contains many minerals and vitamins and contributes to l balance of intestinal flora . In case of small digestive problems, you can add it to the ration or pour a line or two into the bowl of water.

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