Man's best friend: Handi Bob

Moments of simple happiness you know? This is the heart that it concerns.

Before starting the story of this day filled with emotions, I wanted to share with you this e letter from Isabelle , resident of the home, who has reads herself in the morning when the bobtail owners arrive: "Dear friends, You are friends of dogs that you love like us. The dog is vital to life, he does not judge. He loves his masters as they are. He brings love and faithfully accompanies his master whatever the circumstances. Thank you for this beautiful day that we will spend together. You allow us to live an infinite happiness by the presence of your dogs throughout this day. Isabelle

Isabelle cried and suffered in silence for this day, she was so happy to see the dogs finally here! A letter that set the tone of the day: sharing, emotion and happiness

But Handi Bob, what is it?

A crazy idea, then an initiative launched by Philippe Bruineaud, a chef at the heart as generous as his dishes, Foyer Gabrielle Bordier; relayed by his management and supervisory staff. The home is the place of residence for about 70 adults with disabilities who are present at the home. Philippe is also passionate about Bobtail for more than 30 years and breeder under the affix: "Terres de Vendelogne". So he imagined a day where Bobtail fans would meet to give faces smiles and lights in the eyes of residents.

Philippe tells us that this idea has sprung up following an equally moving story: "One day, we had a resident who did not speak and did not want to eat, the only way to make him eat was that he saw my Bobtail.

" One Sunday, the day before his death I put my dog ​​in his room, he then smiled and closed his eyes shortly afterwards for eternity. "

Following this, upset, Philippe contacted Jean-Marie Masset, President of the Bobtail Club de France to explain his project, appeared before the Club Committee at the General Assembly, easily convinced him to take up this challenge, the adventure was launched !

The members were present at the invitation and all adhered to this extraordinary adventure in the the most noble of the term. With a lot of good wishes, 22 Bobtails and their owners found themselves during this day, passionate breeders and owners who did not hesitate, for many of them, to swallow hundreds of kms

The day, between these lovers of Bobtail and the residents, was punctuated with activities and moments of sharing. The club was eager to show that e Bobtail, a teddy-beard dog, is a multi-faceted dog that allows many activities, such as digging, agility or beauty show.... All this punctuated many photo sessions and hugs between residents and dogs.

The demonstration of an exhibition which obviously had nothing official, was assured by Mr Alain Labous, renowned breeder, browsing the shows of Europe with the dogs of his affix: "Of Reality Dream". He worked to explain the standard, taking the example of the dogs presented by their owner before a conquered and attentive public. The humor and the offbeat were at the rendezvous .

Anxious to reserve the best possible reception for these guests for a day, the residents made during 3 months of wonderful trophies with the effigy du Bobtail and they were given as gifts to the owners of the dogs. A day where sharing prevailed, as if everyone had known each other for 10 years. Everything came from the heart of , of course!

The benefits and rewards of this day are incredible for the residents. They are infinitely grateful because dogs are missing out on their lives. Thanks to this day and to the best friend of the man, residents who did not go out or were not interested in activities took a liking to this day and sported an illuminated face .

resident did not sleep the day before the day so excited to see the dogs. Another lady rose from her chair to kiss the dog. Philippe tells us that in normal times, they do not make this effort.

Today still the life of the home is animated through the memories of this day.

The most of the dog is there! As weld and indestructible link between the

Bobtails were great vectors between them all

, proving to each and every one, if need be, that the animal is a being with relational ability out common, able in these moments to federate around him. Today, Philippe is a happy man, he has managed his bet: federate Bobtail enthusiasts to distribute happiness to people for whom the daily is not always pink

. Break down the barriers of disability for a day between valid and disabled people While so many breed clubs tear up for trivialities or personal interests... is not this a good example of federation of passionate people e t sharing the same love for a race

? Congratulations to all and see you next year for a new meeting. I was told that Handi bob 2 was already in reflection

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