The best dog names of celebrities

As we saw in a previous article, individuals are sometimes very inspired when it comes to choose a dog name. The stars, meanwhile, each have their technique. Back to top dog names

The traditional:
Jessica Simpson, the singer / actress (who did not break through in either of her two careers) called her Maltese Bichon Daisy.

Mariah Carey has been sober (for once) by baptizing her Jack Russel Terrier... Jack

Jennifer Aniston, who is living a 13-year-old love story with her Corgi Terrier (and that's good the only one) opted for the name Norman.

Joss Stone, the young jazz singer, stopped on Dusty (in French "dusty"). It is hoped that this is not because it is used to wash the floors...

The originals:
Nicole Richie is doing in the tune with her two Pomeranian Loulous named Foxxy Cleopatra (Austin Powers movie character) and Honey Child.

Britney Spears is self-centered with her Bit-Bit chihuahua.

Eva Longoria, she has a lot of success with Jinxy (find out where it's coming from...) his Lulu of Pomerania

The nostalgic:
Jake Gyllenhaal, literary in his spare time, called his Puggle (cross of a female beagle and a male pug) Boo-Bradley in reference of the main character of a novel

Pete Wentz, the rocker of Fall Out Boy, and a lover of great literature (he too!) named his dog Hemingway as the author.

Jessica Alba, rebel in the soul, called his two Sid and Nancy Carlins... like Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, the two Sex Pistols rockers!