Best Animal Videos Week

You've missed the funniest and most cute animal videos of the week? Rest assured, there is still time to discover them! Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats and dogs published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

The adorable reaction of a dog discovering its reflection in the mirror

Because dogs do not think like us and because that they do not have the same vision of things, there always comes a time when, confronted with a mirror, they will not see their reflection but another dog . Faced with this intruder imitating each of their movements, our four-legged friends are then plunged in confusion .

This is a phenomenon that has not spared Linus, an adorable Bichon hopping in all directions to invite his reflection to play. Here he is running, leaping, barking even ! Linus will even go get one of his toys and will mine to share with the dog in the mirror . An adorable video, which will certainly speak to all dog owners to whom this has certainly already happened!

A dog frightened by the surprise attack of a cub

Big or small, the cats are all the same : jokers, a little sly, and especially particularly discreet. And although it's hard to compare them to kitties , lions also are a bit like that, as evidenced by this video from South Africa.

C ' this is the case of this video that meets a great success on the web . We see a lion cub approach very discreetly to one of the dogs, who only sees at the very last moment . And his reaction is inevitable: the poor dog, surprised, leaps and runs the tail between the legs under the bursts of laughter of those present. This is probably the last time this dog lets one of the lion cubs escape his vigilance!

A funny, very curious cat who loves to watch TV

Mr Farinelli shares a non common point negligible with his master . He is totally fan of television documentaries , with a small preference for those dealing with wildlife. So as soon as his human turns on the television to watch one of these shows, this curious cat is never far and also benefits from the beautiful pictures (...)

For a little, we could even believe that he understands what he looks ...

A pack of dogs in pursuit of a remote control car

The Beagles are undoubtedly one of the most adorable dogs hunting . Short on legs, they are none the less lively and dynamic. That's why they have an immense need to spend , which is sometimes hard to fill in.

So when it's not a Beagle that has to be run, but a whole pack , it is better to show of imagination and resources ! This is the case of The Red Krawler, an Australian author of a video about to become viral on the net. You can see his dogs, Sally, Leia, Abby, Keeper, Bolty and Flo, all Beagles, run at full speed after a remote control car !

A dog becomes crazy in front of a hard egg

The young Basenji of this video seems to discover a hard lesson for the first time in his life . His masters put the egg on the floor in front of their dog, and only have to wait for the magic to work !

Intrigued, the dog will test the dog. truffle and paw, sending it rolling left then right. And the funny doggie is all the more amused when the egg is moving! That's the Basenji leaped hilariously , reaching for the legs awkwardly to the upright and finally grabbed it and carried it to his basket. This is the end of the video, because we suspect that the masters of the dog went to get their "uelig; uf . But probably not to eat it...

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