Best Animal Videos of the Week

You missed the most funny, cute and touching animal videos of the week? Do not worry, there's still time to discover them!

Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats and dogs published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

When a dog presents the weather... and makes his show!

No doubt, watching the weather would be much more fun if it were animated by animals! Just look at this video to make sure!

Ripple, a one-year-old doggie from a Canadian Humane Society shelter, introduced a few days ago the weather in Edmonton, a city located in the province of Alberta. And the least we can say is that he set the mood on the set !

A very curious cat, an adorable scene

This is Bebe, a cat very curious, who would like to know what lies behind the wall, tells his human.

Curiosity does not prevent prudence, Bebe advances slowly to the object that intrigues so much... He approaches slowly but surely, letting us admire more and more its irresistible boiling

But without warning, while he looks at us and melts our heart... Discover the rest in pictures!

Do you work at home and want to adopt a cat? Give up this idea!

Have you ever tried to concentrate while your cat was around? So you know that it is totally illusory to think that can work from home when you have one or more felines.
Unless you have a big ball of hair on your keyboard , in the middle of your files or asleep on your armchair do not bother you, and that you think to be able to resist the irresistible requests of hugs of an adorable tomcat...

Look what dog does to have treats!

This is Cooper, an adorable Shih Tzu who is raving about treats. And to get it, he is ready for anything! Finally... He is at least ready to perform tricks, and at the same time to melt thousands of netizens .
When this video was made, Cooper was only 3 months old . And already, he had understood everything! To have a treats, nothing more simple, just pull the tongue!

When a kitten meets a box of tissues, what happens?

Here is Hyder, a ball of hair decided to to melt our hearts! Found behind a bush by the human who saved and adopted , this little cat does not lack energy, it's the least we can say.
So when she makes the extraordinary meeting of a box of tissues, this tiny kitten feels no more joy ! It's part of a long game that nothing seems to stop.

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