Best Animal Videos of the Week

Missed the most funny, cute and touching animal videos of the week? Do not worry, there's still time to discover them!

Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats, dogs and rodents published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

The Balancing Beagle

After impressing us for a few days before the launch of the World Cup by handling like a pro the round ball,
it is always with a ball that Purin has fun today. But a balloon much bigger, and on which it keeps in balance. Not content with this first feat that many humans would be unable to achieve, the adorable Beagle makes it roll and moves on board at great speed V.

A kitten sees snowflakes fall for the first time

This is Zoofi, a kitten from Scotland just 3 months . A few days ago, this adorable ball of hair saw for the very first time snowflakes fall by the window. Fascinated, Zoofi would dream of being able to catch those amazing little white toys that twirl in front of his nose and look for a way out.

Who is guilty of killing the tissue box?

When this man went home a few days ago, a little surprise was waiting for him. It seems that a storm has rushed into the house... Unless one of his dogs is at the origin of the confetti of handkerchiefs lying on the ground.

The man then looks at his first dog. Well settled on the couch, proud and happy, he seems to have nothing at all to reproach himself . But he begins to look at his boyfriend insistently as if to denounce him.

When the adorable cat Cole thinks he's a dog

As his human Chris says, he just discovered that he could reach the handle the door, make it move, and that if he began to meow adorably, as he knows so well, his masters could refuse him anything .
They told him then bought a harness and a leash so he could take him out safely.

Now, when Cole wants to go out, he just has to claim , like a doggie

The Boxer Baby Learning to Shout

Tobias, a little Boxer who is only three weeks old , would like to be already big , and be able to scream like a wolf. But that's not quite won yet. His human then decided to give him a lesson...

The rescue of a dog trapped in a frozen lake

A few days ago, the coastguard of Frankfort Bay, Michigan, intervened to save a dog trapped in the ice. The animal, a Labrador, was wandering on a waterway between Lakes Betsie and Michigan.

In his misfortune, the dog was very lucky , since the guards saw him jump into the frozen water and so could quickly start to help

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