Best Animal Videos of the Week

You missed the most funny, cute and touching animal videos of the week? Do not worry, there's still time to discover them!

Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats, dogs and rodents published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

Roxy, the Husky who does not want to let his human study

Roxy is the small name of a Siberian Husky as beautiful as funny. His little flaw? He hates that his human will study when he could do much more fun things: play with him for example, give him a hug, take him to walk, or even better, give him food.

He then has a way of making his master understand that he is tired of seeing him work.

Baby rabbits and mini-toilets

toilet, that's something that is not cute or touching. Everyone will agree to say it... Since he has not seen this video proving that even toilet can be adorable, if they are tiny and two balls of hair terribly crisp use !

Festin, the Disney short film starring such a cute and greedy dog ​​

Festin (Fesat): the name of the latest Disney short film was all found. Funny and touching, it tells the story of Winston, a little dog that thinks only of one thing: eat!

A dog catches bubbles in slow motion: a grabble moment of simple happiness!

His name? Oscar, a Yorkshire Terrier

His passion? Attempt to catch bubbles!

The result? Hours of play and simple happiness. Filmed in slow-motion, the little dog has the appearance of a dancer rising in the air!

The cat who does not want his friend to play without him

If you have several cats at home, this scene will undoubtedly remind you of memories... even if all the cats are not as (adorably) unbearable as Hamlet the little redhead!

Why having cats in the office seriously harms productivity

It seems that the presence of cats is soothing... It's true, except when they are ten and do everything to stop you from working!

A reality that the company Poppy Cat decided to confront us, by publishing a terribly adorable video

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