Best Animal Videos of the Week

Missed the most funny, cute and touching animal videos of the week? Do not worry, there is still time to discover them!

Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats, dogs and rodents published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

Maru stops the boxes and sets his sights on... the bowls

Recently Maru discovered a new passion . Cartons, he has seen and explored so much. Large, medium, small, very small, tiny. So he thought maybe it was time to look to other horizons. And that's when he saw a bowl...

Tucker, the Corgi very impatient that his little human starts to walk

Having a little human, when you're a dog, is this as well what could one imagine? This Corgi, which responds to the little name of Tucker, is convinced of it. Obviously delighted to have a friend with whom to play, he is overflowing with enthusiasm.

Yes but here, the little man, Beau, does not know how to walk yet, and to move on all fours also does not seem to be his specialty, much to Tucker's disappointment

Teeny, the cutest sports coach in the world

Ah how good it is to have at home a faithful and loving 4-legged companion , always ready to help you, whatever it is, and at any time...
For example? Imagine that as you approach summer, you need a sports coach to encourage you to do your daily gymnastics. No need to ruin yourself at the gym, so ask for help your dog.

The cat who wanted to enter a suitcase

On Youtube, the humans of this cat write: "Once upon a time, our cat decided to get into a suitcase... He did not succeed, but he made us laugh ". And for a few days, this cat is laughing thousands of netizens around the world .

When dogs of refuge make their parody of Uptown Funk!

For days, the Parodies of Uptown Funk , the latest hit of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, do not stop raining on the web. And we start to graze the overdose... But when the dogs put themselves in their turn, how to resist?

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