Best Animal Videos of the Week

Missed the most funny, cute and touching animal videos of the week? Do not worry, there's still time to discover them!

Small catch-up session with the best videos of cats, dogs and rodents published this week on AllCreatureAnimalClinic:

Two adorable dogs, great teamwork!

If some people prefer to sail solo, others swear by teamwork. This is the case of these two American Bulldogs , probably two brothers, who understood all the advantages of cooperation !

A bird taunts a cat and launches a fight

Not easy to hunt birds when separated by a window... This beautiful black cat knows something about him, who not only can not run after them, but also is taunted!

The puppy who wants to take his big friend on a stroll

It is well known that it's not the size that counts... In this family, it's not the big dog, Jagger, who is the law, but the puppy, Gypsy, who is as big as three apples is not the type to be impressed by a dog three times bigger than him !

When he wants to walk around with his big roommate, so he does not go by four ways, and it does not matter to him whether his boyfriend shares his desire or not.

His puppy did not survive, he reveals a touching video time-lapse of its evolution

When Dave Meinert adopted Pegasus, she was a tiny puppy, born in a makeshift breeding where she lived in terrible conditions. His brothers and sisters are all dead or born with serious deformities. Born with a double gene merle, like them, Pegasus suffers from a serious lack of pigment and its life expectancy is very uncertain .

While it ignores how long the adorable Great Dane vivra, Dave Meinert has chosen to celebrate the days that Pegasus is happy and healthy, "rather than focusing on the negative."

These Corgis puppies filmed in slow-motion will melt Your Little Hearts

Do you like the Welsh Corgis, those little, much-loved, short-legged, short-haired balls of the Queen of England, no matter what they're doing? So this video will brighten your day!

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