The benefits of raw feeding for your dog

Your dog will love the Raw Feeding . An air of contentment, a beautiful appetite underlined by the cracking of the teeth on the carcasses... The action of shredding and gnawing fills a natural need . This makes the muscles of the jaw, neck and chest work, the digestive juices are secreted properly. This work allows the dog to better digest and take full advantage of the nutrients. This natural meal stimulates the production of neuromediators in the brain, which allows the harmonization of the hormonal and immune system, the key to well-being.

It takes time for to tear meat around bones , and natural food is longer to swallow. Meals last between 10 and 30 minutes ... of happiness

Sleek, balanced animals, full of health (fewer visits to the veterinarian). A stronger and more beautiful body thanks to a better musculature and more resistant ligaments and tendons. Sign of health: the hair becomes shiny and vigorous

Body odor much less strong: exit skin problems, bad breath, tartar and gas. Gas and bad breath are often signs that your pet has difficulty digesting food (too much grain and by-products). In the long run, industrial food can cause infections and bacteria in the under-stimulated gums. Periodontal disease may "contaminate" the rest of the body.

Naturally fed carnivores produce reduced stools, with low odors, which turn white like chalk in the sun (biodegradable in three days)

Giving raw food to our companions acts as a tonic on ourselves

Natural nutrition cures and prevents many diseases ; it is the ideal medicine. As carnivores degrade their prey and break their bones, they clean and polish their teeth and gums. Having clean teeth and gums is fundamental to your health. Good nutrition increases parasite resistance and reduces allergy problems and other chronic diseases such as ear infections.

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