The beginning of a complicity between a puppy and a baby (Video of the day)

To have a newcomer in the family is every time an excitement for all. Even for the puppy

For him, this baby will be his playmate , the one who will take him for a walk and give him treats in secret. But... it's not for now, the baby is still a tiny human, you have to give him time to grow up.

What if we guess what the puppy is trying to say?

" Hey!
Hi, I'm the dog.
I'm your dog.
That's it I'm the dog of the family
Happy to meet you, you want to play?
Hey you want to play with me?
Come play!
Look, it's my ball, throw me the
Throw the ball
Hey, throw the ball
Go, you can throw the ball
Ok, I'll wait for you to grow a little
We will become the best friends
I love you already

We bet you that they will become the best friends

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