The beautiful story of Harvey, a cat (almost) like the other

Once again, an animal as adorable as brave gives us a lesson, proving that the handicap does not prevent to lead a happy life

The little cat has learned to walk on his elbows

Harvey is a beautiful white cat , alas born without bone in his front paws. We imagine then that he is unable to walk. But we are wrong! Harvey simply learned to move on his elbows, to frolic and play like any cat .

Harvey suffers from a rare disease called radial agenesis. He was spotted while his owner had put it on sale on a website. A woman took pity on him, and went to get him, to drive him into an animal welfare association.

Puiis Harvey was entrusted to Liz McCulloch, a cat lover who lives surrounded by little cats for 25 years. During all these years, she had never seen a case like this.

Harvey is a happy little cat with Liz and his other animals

Harvey will soon be operated!

An X-ray revealed that the cat lacked ulna and radius, and the animal is now waiting for surgery to replace its missing bones with pins. An intervention made possible thanks to the support of the Cats Protection association, which will prevent pain in Harvey when he grows up.

In just 3 days, the association has raised 3,000 pounds, more 3,500 euros, to finance this operation , which will be carried out when the cat will be 6 months old.

But for the time being, the 4-month-old cat seems not to be aware of its difference . " Harvey was born like that, and therefore does not know that something is wrong, he runs all over his elbows, and willingly plays with my other cat and dog ," says his mistress, who described as a " adorable little thing "

Hard not to be moved by this kitten! And how happy to see him play like any other small ball of hair !