The aggressive dog with the other dogs

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Dogs fight to designate the leader of the pack, while females fight during the heat season. Introducing a new element into the family can create problems, because its arrival causes a break in the hierarchical relations already established.

Warmongering animals show social aggressiveness whenever they meet other dogs, such as the know the owners who take them play in the park near the house, and who often attend fights.

Before introducing a dog in a place frequented by other congeners, it is better to try to inform about their character. The struggles between dogs not living under the same roof or meeting only occasionally are due to the lack of socialization dogs with their congeners when they are small.

What attitude to adopt?

Anyone with a aggressive dog must regain control of the initiative and assert his / her right to pack.

1. When the target of the assault is an unknown congener, the aggressive dog can be accustomed to his fellow creatures. It is necessary to organize sessions with another dog, placed far enough so that the one to be treated does not show aggressiveness, and controlling this one with the leash, and staying at its sides to calm it down. When he gives no sign of nervousness, he is rewarded with a treat. This training session must be repeated for several days with different dogs to be brought closer, until it accepts their presence without showing any sign of aggression.

2. Some aggressive dogs to their peers can benefit from a training session, because cohabitation with other animals promotes their socialization. We must choose a lesson in which obedience is taught gently, without pressure and, of course, all necessary measures must be taken to avoid aggression against people and other animals (use the leash and the muzzle)

Struggles between males for females

They occur in females in heat: this behavior is not pathological, but rather physiological in healthy subjects. Quite often, two dogs who cohabit peacefully begin to argue once their sexual maturity is reached: these struggles serve to establish who is stronger. This form of aggression appears in males around two years of age, that is to say when they have now reached sexual maturity. Females argue, too, especially when they are in heat.

What attitude to adopt in struggles between males?

In struggles between males, whether or not part of the pack, it is very important that the situation is taken over by the master who must control it more. If the fighting is aimed at mating, and if the subjects cohabit, it is possible to reduce the tension by surgically castrating one of the two dogs, intervening on the one that seems the most predisposed to the submission. When struggles continue, consideration should be given to giving up one.

It is important to note that this form of aggression, be it dog-to-person or aggression between members of the same species, does not concern just one element of the pack; it is a problem or better of a suffering of the whole pack, known under the name of "sociopathy", that is to say of a pathology due to social factors.

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