The AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run, the perfect opportunity to participate in your first cani-cross!

Do you like running with your dog for fun? What if you took the next step by launching a completely woof challenge? The AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run, which will be held Sunday, March 25th at the Bois de Vincennes, is the perfect opportunity to do your first run in duet with your dog!

The AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run is back for its second edition! And this year, it offers the most sporting dog owners the opportunity to participate in a real cani-cross! Organized with the SCC / CNEAC , this sporting event is subject to an official regulation. On the program: 6 km through the Bois de Vincennes to travel in pairs with your dog

The race will be timed thanks to a chip integrated into each bib. A great reward is the winner will win the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run 2018 Trophy, and the first three dogs on the podium will each receive a AllCreatureAnimalClinic Box. But let's not forget that the most beautiful of the victories is to share joy, pride and complicity with his dog!

To live a unique and intense moment with your dog, among many sports and dog lovers, he you just have to register for the cani-cross of the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run ! So, ready to take up this challenge?

> I register with my dog ​​at the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run!

AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run Edition 2017

© Lola Ledoux, @David Strano

How to register cani-cross of the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run?

To participate in the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run cani-cross with your dog, you must have obtained a license in one of the federations. The registration will cost you 24 euros.

If you do not have a license, it is possible to take one at the day , at the price of 2 euros. Registration for cani-cross will cost you 26 euros. You will also have to present yourself with a current medical certificate of fitness to run.

Attention, do not forget that the equipment for the cani-cross is regulated é! Strangler claws, electric claws, or the retractable leash are prohibited. The leash or the lanyard, extensible of 2.50 meters maximum, is obligatory, as well as the death of a harness with tie back in the line of the body.

> I consult the regulation of the cani-cross before registering

Category 2 dogs can take part in the race, but they will have to wear a muzzle suited to the effort, allowing them to drink and ventilate normally.

Are you still hesitating to enter the competition? Take part in the cani-marche!

Do not you feel ready to face opponents in a timed race? No problem: register for the cani-marche which will take place the same day, during the afternoon. You will be able to walk or run with your dog during a 4 km to share with him a fun, friendly, but also supportive moment: 1 € per kilometer traveled and per participant (human and canine) will be donated to the Association of Guide Dogs Paris.

> I register with my dog ​​at the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run!

Practical information

AllCreatureAnimalClinic Run 2018
Sunday 25 March 2018
Bois de Vincennes, 75012 Paris, meeting point Esplanade of the Château de Vincennes
Metro: Line 1 / Château de Vincennes
Schedule: 9h-18h
Cani-cross (organized with the SCC / CNEAC) from 10am (registration required)
Cani-walk from 13h (registration required)
Village dog-friendly animations all day with free entertainment

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