The 9 things your dog hates but you still do...

You think he loves it, but no. Most things you do to your dog, he hates them! Kisses on her head, bringing her friends home and many more of our actions are not very well seen by our best friend...

Discover the 9 things you do thinking to please your dog but actually... he hates!

1. Shake him hard and kiss his head

A dog needs to feel your caresses. A slobbering kiss on the skull, for him, it's just an unbearable noise in the ears! Did you really think he was feeling something with all his hair? Test on your hairy friends, they will tell you it's bad!

2. Give him a bath

You are happy to soap him up by repeating with a particularly cheerful voice "Oh but you're happy, you'll be all clean! ". No embarrassment, we all do it. But know that your dog likes more than anything to smell bad. Moreover, the more it smells of nature and the less it feels the shampoo, the happier it is! So do not be surprised if he rolls in the first dung came in the hour that follows...

3. Bring her friends back home

Your friends have a dog, you suggest they come with him to play with yours. Obviously, you were very proud of your idea. But when you saw the reaction of your four-legged friend, you quickly became disillusioned. It's his territory, not his neighbor's. Playing with his peers in the park is one thing, but inviting them to his house: impossible.

4. Forcing him to be kind to the guests

You receive guests wishing to pet your dog but he does not care? Do not insist with your "Go come say hello! Come ! ". Your dog likes your hugs, not those of the rest of the neighborhood, so let him pick his friends quietly. After all this is not a shy child...

5. Talk to Him During His Meals

As with most humans, the dog's meal is a sacred moment. Would you really like someone to spend all the dinner over your shoulder wondering if you're enjoying? A dog must eat without being disturbed...

6. Always talk to him, just

Your dog understands pretty much what you are saying, especially because of the tone you use. So it makes the difference between "oh yes, yes, yes, it's a good dog" and "No! We do not eat the sofa, that's enough! ". However, tell him that you went to the pharmacy and you go out the trash, it does not interest the masses...

7. Prefer cuddling to games

Do you prefer to spend time cuddling your dog rather than playing? Be careful, your hairball may soon be bored... Dogs prefer to run after their ball a thousand times than to sleep under your arm all day!

8. Be your model photo

Yes, you want to buzz on social networks with a photo too cute or too original of your dog. But he, you really think that he takes pleasure in remaining static and disguised for your little personal pleasure?

9. Disguising it

You've seen a jacket that's really too small, you've cracked. Even though it costs more than your own jacket, you bought it. But does a small animal really like being wrapped in a coat? We let you think...

Rest assured, a dog forgives everything to his human as long as he loves, feeds and walks him! It annoys you so often too, a little kiss too is not going to annoy him for life!

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