The 8 things that made you regret having a pet

Of course you love it more than anything and you do not imagine a single second life without him. But let's be honest, sometimes your dog or cat really exhausts you.

If the moment you regret having adopted it lasts only a few seconds and once your gaze immersed in yours, your guilt is gnawing at you, your pet sometimes makes you see all the colors!

Discover the 6 things that you (almost) regret having adopted...

1. The awakening with fanfare

Everything starts in the morning. It's Sunday, you want to sleep in, but an urge to lift the leg or just the unbearable need to hug, and all your plans collapse.

2. Guilt of departure

Have you ever been deprived of an activity to stay with your companion? You were leaving, but his sad look when you put on your sneakers cut you off? Our animals do not need to talk to take us by the nose!

3. The oversized hairiness of your home

You were not necessarily a fan of the household on Saturday, but when you had your pet, it became the household of all days of the week! But how can such a small being lose so much hair? If only he never moved...

4. The void in your wallet

Of course, you could settle for a visit to the veterinarian for the vaccines a year, an old tennis ball and the cheapest croquettes. But no, you can not help but offer the best to your friend and worry about any unusual behavior. That, admit it, it's your fault!

5. Choosing holidays

You always promised to save money and go abroad. Ha, but no, too complicated to take his animal so far! The country house of the cousins ​​at 3 hours of road will be very nice... Or not...

6. The loss of some friends

Because they do not like animals, they are allergic to them or just because your pet does not like them, some of your friends have been removed from your friends list. Anyway, a best friend already has one and he is the one who makes the law.

7. This wardrobe which you had to separate

Urine on the pile of clean clothes, half of worn out shoes or T-shirt which serves as a blanket, there are some things on which you had to draw a line...

8. Yet what would be your life without him?

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