The 5 craziest dog gadgets... and useless!

Playing with your dog is good! To find gadgets more surprising than each other, it's better! Selected pieces with 5 completely crazy dog ​​gadgets

1. The pistol launches food
The Frolic SnackShotz pistol is of public interest: it allows you to launch dog food from a distance. It basically serves for hunting dogs, which allows you to not run with them. But hey, does not the dog also have the right to a lunch break?

2. The dog umbrella
Yes, there are dogs that do not like the rain. For these sensitive little souls, there is a solution: the umbrella for dogs! Very classy, ​​it fits on harnesses or collars. For $ 16.99, Skippy will be able to pee dry!

3. The dog bag
One might think that the concept of Puppoose is that of a transportable dog bag. It is actually a kind of dog vest, with special holes for the legs, connected to lances to carry it across the shoulder. It's more original than a simple bag and more trendy because different colors are available. Only drawback: Apart from the dog, you can not put anything in it!

4. Soap crust
With this dog poop soap - or cat of your choice - no need to get stuck to find jokes to make to your friends. Drop the dog poop wherever you want, you will inevitably have a reaction. And even more when you reveal that its primary purpose is to wash your hands. Available in three sizes, we let you imagine...

5. The testicles for dogs
In order to help castrated animals to go through this difficult phase both physically and psychologically, the mark Neuticles invented testicular implantations. No, you're not dreaming ! It aims to help the pet "maintain its natural appearance, self-esteem and help in the trauma associated with sterilization. But, tell me, do you have plastic quilts - no forgiveness in rigid polypropylene - it's not a bit traumatizing?